There are currently two events dispatched when consuming a message:

  • Rebuy\Amqp\Consumer\ConsumerEvents::PRE_CONSUME: Before the message is consumed
  • Rebuy\Amqp\Consumer\ConsumerEvents::POST_CONSUME: After the message has been consumed

These events are dispatched by an symfony2 event dispatcher. If you want to listen to one of these events, you have to create a subsriber/listener, add it to the event dispatcher and set the dispatcher to the manager:

$dispatcher = new Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher();
$dispatcher->addListener(Rebuy\Amqp\Consumer\ConsumerEvents::PRE_CONSUME, $myListener);
$dispatcher->addSubscriber(new MySubscriber());

$manager = new Rebuy\Amqp\Consumer\ConsumerManager(...);

Implemented Subscriber

Some useful subscribers are already shipped with this library: